Pumping up Property Values and Improving Communities

Before and after pictures of a renovation completed by Nawid Rostayee, another local investor we often work with. Nawid purchased Brookmont from us several months back and did everyone living on the street a solid by raising the market bar. Rather than sitting vacant and being consumed by mother nature, 8441 Brookmont is now a well groomed, newly renovated property which shines bright in up and coming Alderman Park.




Alderman Park as well as the rest of the greater Arlington area was hit hard during the market crash. Valuations were down and homeowners in the area saw their equity disappear overnight. The term “Real Estate Investor” can come with a bad connotation but the fact is, we are taking dilapidated homes in great neighborhoods and turning them into the best looking houses on the street, forcing the market back up where it should be. In Alderman Park, where the median home value according to Zillow is currently $148,300, Nawid just sold a 4 bed 2 bath house for $187,500; how is that for improving the neighborhood?

I make it clear to every homeowner I work with that we are a business. It would not make much sense to purchase a home then undergo an extensive renovation if there is no profit margin in there for coordinating all that work. The numbers have to be right for both us, and the homeowner. I would never move forward with a deal if I thought the homeowner was unhappy with the agreement. That being said, there is not a simpler more straight forward way to sell your property in all of Northeast Florida. We are a local business here in Jacksonville and use our own cash to purchase all of our properties, we don’t require appraisals, inspections, or repairs, take care of all closing costs and title work. Looking to sell your house fast? Looking to sell it 6 months from now and just want piece of mind that you have a buyer? Give me a call and tell me how I can help you.

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